Flutter jalaali package

A flutter package to make working with solar date easier. You can convert dates to solar dates and manipulate those by using this package in your application.


There is three constructors for this class:

Default constructor

This constructor is used to create specific jalaali date manually:

new JalaaliDate(1397, 8, 8);

now constructor

Constructs a JalaaliDate instance with current date:

new JalaaliDate.now();

parse constructor

Constructs a JalaaliDate instance by parsing a timestamp string:

new JalaaliDate.parse("2013-01-19 03:14:07");

fromDateTime constructor

Constructs a JalaaliDate instance from a Datetime

new JalaaliDate.fromDateTime(new DateTime.now());



Returns a human-readable string for this JalaaliDate instance. At least one of parameters must be true

Param Type Default Description
showDate (Optional) bool true show date in returned string
showTime (Optional) bool false show time in returned string


Returns an instance of DateTime from this JalaaliDate.


Param Type Description
format (required) String specifies how returned string should be formatted
persianNumbers (Optional) bool specifies usage of persian numbers like “۵”

Returns the jalaali date in determined format. You can specify what should this function return by using below table.

Input Description Output Example
“YYYY” jalaali year as a 4 digit number 1397
“YY” jalaali year as a 2 digit number 97
“MMM” persian name on the month آبان
“MM” jalaali month as a 2 digit number 08
“M” jalaali month number 8
“DDD” persian day of the month word پنجم
“DD” day of the month as a 2 digit number 05
“D” day of the month number 5